Bull Power Delay Gel

We hereby introduce you to the awesome Ultimate Bull Power Delay from Scala Playhouse for men. This gel was formulated for men that would like to effectively deal with premature ejaculation.  It’s a known fact about 60% of men suffer from PE at least once in their lives. Men that suffer from PE do not want to have sex as they are worried that if they do they will not be able to last longer than 1 or 2 minutes. By using Bull Power delay gel you can stop worrying about PE and start enjoying sex again. The gel reduces the sensitivity of the penis and thus helps him to keep going for longer period without having an orgasm before he wants to.

Delaying your Orgasm

If you ever experienced PE before you will know that is can be a rather awkward experience. The delay gel consists of 3 distinct herbs – Mentha Piperita extract, Avena Sativa and Humulus Lupulus extract. These 3 herbs have an anaesthetizing effect on the male erogenous zones. By applying the gel to the most sensitive spots of the male organ – on top of the penis head and under the glans, the user are able to control his orgasm for longer periods. If you use Bull Power delay gel correctly you can delay the discharge of semen for at least 30 min or more.

The Ultimate Bull Power Anti premature ejaculation Gel has been readily available on the market for several years now and has been voted the best anti-PE product in Europe the last 4 years running.

Several guys, old and young have the experienced untimely ejaculation, by using Bull Power gel you are now able to control and even delay you orgasm.
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