CoolMann Delay Gel For Men

To be applied before sexual intercourse. Apply a thin layer of the gel on the penis and then massage it into the skin. It has a local anaesthetising effect.

Last longer in bed with CoolMann Delay Gel, an innovative gel used to help treat premature ejaculation. By simply applying the cream you can expect instantaneous results giving you control and confidence during sexual experiences. Stop letting premature ejaculation play on your mind and lower your sexual performance, rather take control of it by using this premature ejaculation treatment. The gel desensitizes the penis in the right places to delay ejaculation and make you last longer. The delay gel is easy to apply, works efficiently and is safe. If you want to regain your sexual performance and give your partner a better sexual experience, then try coolMann delay gel today.

Achieving an orgasm to early while having intercourse is called premature ejaculation. In most cases this normally happens to men that either get to excited or too much friction is generated. Cumming to early can have a negative effect on any relationship. By using a product like the coolman gel, you are able to stop early climaxing and allow your partner to achieve sexual gratification.

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