And NOW Introducing DuraZest!!

Alphamaleshop now brings you Durazest, the latest creation in herbal sexual products.

The main ingredient in this amazing product is extracted from the root of the Tongkat Ali plant. For those that don’t know, Tongkat Ali is world famous for it's advances in increasing the male hormone also known testosterone and male libido.

Durazest was invented for people suffering from erectile dysfunction, fertility problems and those who are suffering from low-libido.

Durazest is made from 100% natural herbs, which contains no artificial chemicals or prescription drugs of any kind. Durazest can be used by everybody of all age groups above 18. Not only does it helps with sexual dysfunction but also increases desire and a more fiery-explosive sex life. Durazest effects start to show after about 40 - 50 min. 

Main sexual points:
  • 100% herbal recipe.
  • Effective within 40-50min.
  • Experience a harder and longer lasting erection.
  • Increases sex drive and desire.
  • Improve performance.
Eurycoma Longifolia (154 mg) , Panax Ginseng (100 mg), Cordyceps Sinensis (125 mg), Epimedium Brevicornum (75 mg)
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    Are you serious about curing your erectile dysfunction-impotence?

    Would you like to gain back your male dominance in bed. If you answered YES then Durazest is for you.

    This product will provide you with a more natural, a more firm and rigid erection like nothing you have experienced before. Durazest is a perfected blend of herbal extracts to support your erectile function and keep you hard all night long.

    This herbal alternative will not only increase your sexual dominance but increase overall level of wellness.

    Durazest is an all-natural product that just seem to work! Made from conventional Chinese medicinal natural-herbs that have been used by the Chinese for centuries to assist the kidney's that is responsible for the male's sexual performance.

    Unlike other erectile dysfunction prescription medicines that works by relaxing the male’s pc smooth muscle tissue and boosting blood flow to the male penis, Durazest works differently by boosting the users testosterone levels, semen production and even increase his sex drive.

    This enhancement product also promotes blood flow to the penile tissue, making the user feel and looking larger than normal. And due to the fact that it works naturally with the human body, YOU are able to manage the timing - no uncomfortable surprises at the most inconvenient time.

    How to I take this male enhancement product?

    As a natural herbal product, Durazest should be taken on an empty tummy. It will start to work within 45 mins and the effects can last for days - even after just one dosage!(so be aware) Please note this product can also be taken with any alcoholic beverage. Durazest maximizes your performance, your need, and your capacity to satisfy your partner.
    Long-term usage of Durazest will certainly not lead to a dependence and may, as a matter of fact, be helpful in improving blood flow, slowing down the aging process, and also improving sex-related vitality.

    So basically this product that has no negative effects, is available without a prescription and can even be used by diabetics. Durazest is the organic remedy for anyone that experience performance anxiety and stress, suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence, premature climaxing, a reduced sex drive, or just want add some passion to his sex life.

    A remarkable product for exceptional performance!