SuperPowerfulManPill (4 pills per pack)

Superpowerfulmanpill, the world's Original Chinese Alternative. Always remember only purchase the original Super-powerful-man-pill (no counterfeit duplicates, they just do not work).

This powerful man pill is the Chinese choice for those that are suffering from impotence. It has no side-effect and can be used by people that are suffering from heart problems, hypertension (High blood pressure) or if they are Diabetics.
Absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS: No flushing, No raised heart beats, no nausea, stuffiness of nose, migraines or abdominal discomfort.

What can Superpowerfulmanpill do for you?

  • Enhance your production of semen.
  • Engulf your lover with your semen.
  • Harder and more prominent erections.
  • Get harder erections than you have ever had before.
  • Boost your sexual drive and improve your libido.
  • Take pleasure in sex much more frequently.
  • Much better climaxing control.
  • Help to avoid untimely climaxing or premature ejaculation.
  • All natural, All Safe
  • Made from widely known all-natural active ingredients.
  • More Extreme Climaxes, which last much longer.
Active Ingredients
SUPERPOWERFULMANPILL is made from totally all-natural raw materials by using the most current intricate nano-metre extraction methods to produce this powder. These pills contain Chaojimengnan which is hailed as one of the leading natural male enhancement herbs on the market at this moment.

After indigestion, it is absorbed quickly into the male’s body (within 10-30 mins) and will continue to have effects on the user for at-least 36 hours after he has ingested it.

Take 30 minutes prior to anykind of sexual intercourse. You place a tablet in to your mouth, remember to chew and swallow (you can take it with water).  It has a somewhat sweet, pleasant taste and it gets absorbed very quickly. The penis will certainly be more swollen (tumescent), bigger more enlarge, and you will get much stronger erections.

One tablet of Superpowerfullmanpill can last between 36 - 72 hours but many men have mentioned that it may even last longer.

This product contains no internationally forbidden elements including sildenafil citrate(Viagra),narcotics, and or any medical stimulants.
Manpill can be administered every 3 days or as the need arise. This product is generally suggested for males that have lost their libido, men that suffer from small or tiny penis, sexual dysfunction or early climaxing (PE).
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    As guys get older, it becomes more difficult to maintain their sex life they had when they were in their twenties. You should not be embarrassed or ashamed. With the help of Super-Powerful-Man-pill you don't have suffer anymore. Would you like to become one of the countless satisfied clients to use this tested organic solution for impotence?

    Recover your potential to attain a full erect erection. Increase stimulation and your sex drive with the help of Superpowerfulmanpill and remember NO SIDE-EFFECTS.

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    Can i pay thru eft or cash over the counter as im in cape town area.

    Good product. had sex for almost 3 hours... no stoppage. I did experience a bit of a headache afterwards but not sure if it’s the pills or not. Probably the strenuous exercise.

    I take it twice a week. I have hypertension and this pill has no influence at all in fact my blood pressure has come down. I also experienced a slight headache but after a while went away. I had a prostate procedure so I am not where I need to be sexually but getting closer every week. Before long I will also be able to keep my wife busy for longer than 30 minutes.
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