Male edge PRO Device

Male edge PRO Device

male edge pro

If you are seeking the ultimate Male-Edge then the PRO-device is the ultimate penis enhancement device for you.
The famous Pro package deal consists of the complete range of BASIC as well as EXTRA accessories, this include 4 rubber bands, 2 replacement pads as well as cohesive gauze.

Really elegant design in black and red and it is presented in a sophisticated red present box. The Male-edge Pro is the best in the range of penis enlargement packages. This product has it all, and includes everything you will ever potentially need.

JES Titanium

The Jes-Extender Titanium comes in a traditional classy mahogany case. Our brand-new 2014 version comes with an added set of half inch elongation bar for extremely precise development.

JES Original

The Original Jes-Extender is available in a timeless, sophisticated mahogany case. Still the top number one bestseller in this range, it is made using only the best materials. The Jes Original was updated recently to increase comfort for the user.


Let’s explain how this JES-Extender works

In short, this product is a non-surgical penile enlargement device, that uses traction to make the male penis bigger over time. This includes both girth and length.

Traction is scientifically and medically verified techniques that guarantee to make your penis larger and longer, by using the human body's all-natural capacity and ability to grow bigger after a physical workout.

Almost like going to the gym and working out, if a particular part of the human-body is subjected to a continuous stretch or workout, the body automatically starts to repair itself and start adding extra tissue to that specific body part.

The Male Edge Jes-Extender is one of the top 3 penis augmentation devices in the world, having actually sold over 300,000 units in the last 6 years.

Penis Enlargement for Everyone

The Male Edge device is very easy to use and it’s also painless and nobody will ever know that you are wearing as it impossible to see underneath clothing. The Male Edge Extender was developed for men that would like to boost their penis size and length.

Safe and Easy To Use


It is one of the few tried and tested penis enlargement techniques that do not include a surgical procedure or even a visit to the doctor.

This penile extension device is extremely safe as well as very to use. You can use the male extender almost any time of the day at various time periods depending on your individual timetable.

Studies have noted that the more hours you wear the device combined with the amount of traction you apply each time you put it on, would determine your overall success rate in increasing the penile tissue. We do advise that you start slow and as you get used to the traction, you can increase the amount of hours you wear it and the level of traction.

As a bonus, men that suffers from so called “Peyronie' condition” can now use this device to improve the irregular shape of their penis. This device will increase your penis size but also cure men that suffer from this illness. The Jes Extender has been around for over 16 years. In this time it has helped around 300000 men that suffer from a small penis.

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