Sex Appeal Pheromone Man-2-Man Spray

Sex Appeal Pheromone Man-2-Man Gay Spray - A Male Pheromone-Scent Spray clinically developed to raise your sex-appeal. Become absolutely alluring and irresistible with this special secret pheromone product!

It will enable the user to entice and draw in even more male companions as well as works as an awesome sexual aphrodisiac. Man-2-Man spray will effectively and efficiently boost your sexual appearance. You will meet many more men than you ever thought possible. You will not only just meet them but they would already be sexually drawn to you even before you have said a single word. Sex Appeal contains some of the most powerful male pheromones ever developed.

For those that have been in a male to male partnership for many years and you think your relationship and sex life may need a bit of a boost then Man-2-Man spray is wonderful for producing new interest as well as excitement in your relationship. Your partner will never know that you are wearing it.

15ml spray = approx. 60 applications

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