Product has been discontinued

Product has been discontinued

(40 Pills Per Pack)
Maximize your control

Finally... a natural way to stop premature ejaculation / climax.

Do not wait anymore - Buy yourself Performaxx and never worry about Ejaculating to early.

As many as 60% of men are concerned about sex ending too quickly. Women are just as concerned, if not more-so. No man wants to admit it, but finishing too fast or coming to early is a common problem among men of all ages. But now men can last longer naturally and improve their sexual ability.

Performaxx is an all-natural supplement that allows men greater climax control. It can also be taken by those that simply wish to have greater control and last longer during sex. This tablet puts the man in control of his orgasm rather than the orgasm controlling the man

Why do you need to take Performaxx?
  • Provides greater control of your climax.
  • Increases confidence in sexual abilities.
  • Makes sex more satisfying and last longer.
  • Reduces frustration and disappointment.
Take one Performaxx capsule every day as a dietary supplement. For best results, also take an additional one or two capsules one hour prior to activity. Use the techniques included with supplement for maximum results.

WARNING: This product may cause drowsiness. Alcohol, sedatives, or tranquilizers may increase the effect of drowsiness. No specific drug interactions have been observed with Performaxx.

However, potential drug interactions do exist with prescription anti-depressants of the SSRI-type, some atypical anti-depressants, tricyclic anti-depressants, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Consult your physician.

Performaxx has been submitted to the Medicine Control Council for registration in term of Notice 23128 of Feb 2002
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    The development of Performaxx is an innovative herbal remedy for Premature Climaxing, providing sufferers of this humiliating health condition an opportunity to lead a normal sex life.

    Performaxx has been specifically developed and tested in the laboratory to produce an awesome high quality organic mixture that has shown to extend your climaxing 5 - 10 times longer! It works with the hypothalamatic-sensors of the human mind that control sex-related enjoyment. By reducing and regulating the hyper activity of the sex-related sensors in the users brain, you  are able to control your climax and avoid ejaculating before you need to.

    Does this product have any side effect?

    This product has no side effects, all the ingredients is placed into a very easy to take pill and its totally organic. After using this premature ejaculation pill for the first time you will forget the anxiety you had and regain the sex life you have always wanted. You do not have to tolerate Premature Ejaculation any longer. With these pill you are able to experience a satisfying sex life and become an awesome lover.

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    I did not experience any issues when I was young but these days I have some serious issues. I have tried to think about something else while having sex but I keep on cumming within a 2 minutes. Used this product a couple of times and can definitely say that it works.

    I HAVE THE SAME problem of early ejaculation. Weak erection and Low in sperm
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