Rhino Long Power Cream

The Rhino lotion uses a gentle mild technique to help men that may be suffering from early climaxing also known as premature ejaculation. The Rhino lotion has been specifically prepared to deal with this disorder.

Premature-ejaculation or PE for short is a wide spread problem among men of all ages. The Rhino formulation is based upon an age-old Chinese herbal remedy that has been combined with 20th century medicine. The combined power of modern-day skin medicine combined with the knowledge of natural Mandarin medicine that has been used for over 20 centuries has produce a product that can help men that may be suffering from premature ejaculation.

Rhino Long Power Lotion made by the guys from HOT, provides you the endurance and stamina to not only enjoy sex more fully but actually help you to take part in longer intercourse sessions without reaching climax to early into the session. This product was made for men that struggle’s with premature climaxing.

Based upon conventional Chinese natural medicine as well as integrating modern medicine, this sexual male booster lotion was created purposefully to fight untimely ejaculation, a common and stressful health condition that influence many men around the globe. Also it can be used by men that do not suffer from PE, but actually would like to extend sexual intercourse for longer periods of time.

How do you use Rhino Long Power Cream?

You use Rhino Long Power Lotion by dispersing a thin layer across penis head (the penis head is the part of the penis where you pull back the foreskin and you expose the head of the penis).

After placing the cream on the penis it will start working by having an anesthetic effect, which will lessen the user’s sensitivity while he is having intercourse. By using the cream the user will not have those “sensitivity spikes” that cause him to orgasm or climax too early.

Rhino Long Power lotion is a reliable and effective remedy against early climaxing, providing you the power to participated in prolonged spells of sexual relations and also give you a lot more sexual enjoyment and improve you sexual confidence.

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