V-Activ For Men

A Natural based dietary supplement made for men to improve their sexual performance. The herbal ingredients in this product are known to have a positive effect on the users sexual lifestyle.

How do you use V-Activ For men

Take one capsule of V-Activ For men with a big glass of water about an hour before having intercourse.

This naturally based dietary supplement was made specifically for men that need to improve their sexual performance or may be suffering from low libido or impotence.

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective - V-Activ is a formulation that tones Yang, the masculine energy. V-Activ has been formulated to support healthy normal male sexual function, improve energy levels and help enhance intimate relationships.

V-Activ Performance Supplement for men naturally supports:
  • Normal Male Sexual Function
  • Stamina and Energy
  • Male Libido
Please note:  The V-Activ product is extremely powerful herbal supplement that was designed for men and only men.  Men that may be suffering from any kind of heart condition or high blood pressure needs to talk to their general health practitioner before using this product. Please do not exceed the dosage on the box.
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