V-RX Ultimate Delay Cream

Applied straight onto the penis-head, V-RX delay cream will briefly desensitize your penis, allowing a lot more staying power, as well as help and even cure premature climaxing. The V-RX delay cream is a powerful delay lotion that will keep you going for hours and provide you with hours of sexual enjoyment.  Many sex related studies have mentioned that over 55% of men suffer from premature ejaculation at least once a year. This is caused by various factors, from over excitement and even stress.

The V-RX Delay cream is so effective, just a small-amount is needed.  You can remove the lotion 5 minutes after you applied it the head of your manhood.  The V-RX Cream is an imaginative delay-lotion that when put it onto the penis head; it will help you deal with untimely climaxing by postponing the onset of your orgasm.

By using V-RX delay lotion, guys that are struggling with too early-climaxing can now gain back command over their sex life, boosting their own sexual endurance and are now able to satisfy their partner a lot more.

Just how does it work?

V-RX Delay cream is a very well-liked premature ejaculation product because of the simple fact that the results are almost instantaneous.  You are able to use it with a condom or without a condom. It works by desensitizing the penis which allows the user to last much longer while having intercourse. Your partner will not know anything except that you are now really awesome in the bedroom. The safe ingredients in the V-Rx Cream works on the basis of desensitizing or numbing the penis-head but not the rest of the penis shafts or testicles.

Exactly how do I apply it?

As the users you apply a little amount to the end of the penis 10 minutes prior to having intercourse. Avoid removing the cream for at-least 5 min before you start having sex. The lotion needs to be absorbed, so do not remove it until you are ready.

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